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NOTES LS2J QUICK TIP: Function for collecting method signatures

When using LS2J to utilize Java classes from within LotusScript, you may be faced with needing to declare and bind to a method explicitly using its JNI signature. A common case where this is necesary is when your Java class has multiple overridden methods and you need to explicitly use one of them. Instead of wrestling with the JNI syntax, you can use this handy function to bind to the object and print out the signatures for you to copy:

BIGTABLE BIG DEAL? Or is it the cloud, stupid

I am sitting on a draft of a rambling missive about folks noticing then increasing relevance of storage service offerings focusing on document-centric type of operations feeling vindicated by the Notes development model are missing the point. The point being?  It’s not that the model is suddenly relevant now, it’s just that it engenders the type of massive scaling that large sites and cloud services require.

OPEN THREAD: What is Missing in Domino Designer?

On this eve of Lotusphere '10 (not going, thank you very much) has anyone compiled a list of the major pieces that are missing from a Domino developer's toolkit? This is not a rant, as IBM has more than fulfilled its pledges to make Notes and Domino technically relevant again, but there are glaring holes that are obvious candidates for a list. I’ll start things off by naming three easy ones:

ODDS 'N ENDS: Freemarker in Domino Designer, Google out of Gears and a cool aero tidbit

Got the Freemarker Eclipse Editor plugin to work inside of Domino Designer. Now I can edit and save a Freemarker template directly to a database (Resources\Files) all from within DD.

XPAGES DRAG AND DROP WITH DOJO TUTORIAL, PART 4: dragging between containers and setting the stage for partial (AJAX) updates.

This is part 4 of a series on drag and drop with Xpages and Dojo.


Just a quick tip/reminder to anyone out there who may have had to use the LotusScript (nee VisualBasic) Dir() or Dir$() function. The function IS NOT reentrant. If, as is a typical use-case, you want to deep traverse a directory tree by recursively calling a function that examines a directory using the Dir() function, take care not to nest calls within the recursion. For example:

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