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ODDS 'N ENDS: Symphony, Airplanes, Fugue and Firebug

Ever wonder what the deal with toxic fugue is? It's been a favorite topic of mine since the classic Simpsons Episode "One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish." This article in today's NYTimes is enlightening.

LAZYWEB REQUEST: How to access Symphony APIs from Notes plugin?

Before I close up shop for the weekend I leave a lazyweb request. I'm developing a Notes plugin using the Expeditor Toolkit for Eclipse (6.2.1) and I can't seem to figure out how to expose the Symphony objects in the IDE for me to code against. Any help is appreciated.


I had an incredible time at the Tri-State Lotus User Group meetup today. It was an all-day event with a keynote by Lotus GM Bob Picciano and a whole mini-Lotusphere roster of speakers. I was also was fortunate to meet up with old friends and colleagues Steven Pivnik, Vitaliy Dubinsky and catch up with Bob Balaban, whom I haven’t spoken to face to face in ten years or so.


I thought I had gotten over the major humps to developing supersecret app, but it turns out that the Lotus Expeditor runtime had one more nasty trick up its sleeve: Expeditor’s runtime’s Java Cryptography Extension provider seems to be missing an algorithm for decrypting SSL communications with Google Apps. Bah! This is what happens when the JVM market fragments.


And now, Deep Thoughts, by Jake. Cue soothing music.

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