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Dear Microsoft,

I am not an app developer, nor am I a market sage or pundit by any means, but here is what it would take for me to switch to a Windows phone.

I enjoy my aging Android handset. It’s slow, but it does the job. Apps are not as important to me as you’d think but there are some areas that I believe a focus on would help:

I concur

Just a quick return from the dead to point out Dare Obasanjo’s fantastic read – Learning from our Mistakes: the Failure of OpenID, AtomPub and XML on the Web. An insightful article that ring true to me through personal experience in each domain. Mind you, I still utilize all three technologies in useful scenarios every day and find them all to be elegant solutions to my specific problem domains, but I wholeheartedly agree with Dare’s conclusions.

BIGTABLE BIG DEAL? Or is it the cloud, stupid

I am sitting on a draft of a rambling missive about folks noticing then increasing relevance of storage service offerings focusing on document-centric type of operations feeling vindicated by the Notes development model are missing the point. The point being?  It’s not that the model is suddenly relevant now, it’s just that it engenders the type of massive scaling that large sites and cloud services require.

ODDS 'N ENDS: Symphony, Airplanes, Fugue and Firebug

Ever wonder what the deal with toxic fugue is? It's been a favorite topic of mine since the classic Simpsons Episode "One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish." This article in today's NYTimes is enlightening.

ON CHROME OS: is there a point to all this?

Just a quick note on yesterday’s Chrome OS reveal by Google. Unless I’m missing something, there’s nothing new under the covers here. It seems as if the whole point of the “OS” is to provide a stripped down device-like environment for hosting a web browser.


I’ve been thinking a lot about Pubsubhubbub and the applicability of efficient but unreliable messaging services in the course of application development that affects me. Pubsubhubbuub, if you don’t know, is a Google-authored protocol that piggybacks onto ATOM RSS feeds to provide efficient updates of new content in the publish-subscribe model.

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